Blackbird, Historical Romance

Adahya, a Mohawk warrior aiding the British during the American  Revolution, wants no part of love, especially with the white woman he  has brought to his village to hold as ransom.  Katherine St. James, a  teacher at a frontier mission, sees Adahya as an enemy holding her  captive and will stop at nothing to return to the man she has always  loved, Reverend Joshua Knox.

If she is so in love with Knox, why can’t she keep her eyes off this half naked warrior?

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Shadow's Promise

Shadow's Promise

Jessie McCrea flees to the colonial frontier for a new life free from  servitude.  When she uncovers a tomahawk buried on her property, she  never expects to find a most insufferable Mohawk warrior attached to it.   Shadow represents everything she’s escaped from and she will stop at  nothing to maintain her life of peace and solitude.

Haunted by  his past, Shadow must keep his people from being destroyed in the  upcoming war between the Colonists and the British.  Jessie is  everything Shadow left behind.  He does not deserve her, yet he is  uncontrollably attracted to her.  He must make Jessie see that life with  him will be anything but captivity.

A captive heart is a dangerous prospect…

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